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Dogs of Wehrspann Part 2

I’m aware of 4 dog runs in the Omaha area. That’s nearly not enough considering how many dogs are in the city. I frequent the dog run at Lake Wehrspann. It is the biggest and the most diverse. Papillion has a dog run at Walnut creek but it is adjacent to an over sized mud hole which get extremely stinky in hot weather. Dogs need to run in order to get the proper amount of exercise. A walk on  a leash just doesn’t cut it.


Some of the dogs are young and can’t be trusted so they end up at leashes at the dog run.

IMG_2460 IMG_2459 IMG_2439 IMG_2318 IMG_2550

The dog above is 13 but he doesn’t look it.

IMG_2472 IMG_2480Black is the favorite dog color. Many of the black dogs are labs or lab mixes. The lab is the most popular dog in the country.

IMG_2467 IMG_2456 IMG_2452 IMG_2436 IMG_2431

There’s an eagle nested next to the dog run. Small dogs need to stay close to their owners.

IMG_2385 IMG_2383

This is a neat looking Beagle. He looks so proud!

IMG_2395 IMG_2382

Gee, its a lot of fun to run!


This is the largest dog at the park. He’s a Newfoundland mix and weighs well over 100 ibs. He had a brother that passed away several months ago.

IMG_2381 IMG_2342 IMG_2334 IMG_2330

This is a white German Shepherd pup. Many people don’t realize that German Shepherd’s can be white.


Vizla’s are a friendly hunting breed that are becoming more popular.


This Springer’s name is Brodie. He looks a lot like my Springer, Cosmo.

IMG_2544 IMG_2542 IMG_2538

The little guys enjoy running to.




The two pictures above are of Brittany’s. Most Brittany’s are the white and tan color. My Brittany, Tbone is much darker and many people mistake him for a Springer.

IMG_2492 IMG_2491

Reggie is a Springer.


Another white German Shepherd.


An unusual colored Cocker Spaniel.

Hundreds of dogs enjoy running at the various dog parks. It’s a joy to watch these dogs have a good time. All photos were taken with a canon SL-1 the smallest DSLR and a Tamron 18-270 lens.