Links to photo forums–  This is a very useful web site especially for someone considering purchasing a new camera. The camera views are very thorough. Also there is a forum with numerous forum topics on each major brand of camera. Please visit this site you will find it truly informative.  A very active forum, uglyhedgehog has something for everybody. It is very easy to post images on this site and there are 100’s of people using the site throughout the day. Once you sign up you will get an email once a day letting you know about new posts. This forum is good for beginners as well as advanced amateurs. – This a very comprehensive website including digital as well as film photography. It is one of my go to forums especially when I have any questions concerning black and white film photography or processing tips for b&w film. If you enjoy shooting film especially 4×5 or larger this is the forum to visit. There are some good photographers on this forum so its a good place to learn.


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