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New disease from eating Pork- You better watch out!

It’s been years since the mad cow scare but we may have something even bigger to worry about, Evidently pork isn’t as safe to eat as we think. In past years parasites such as Trichina and Pork tapeworm were of some concern but most of those problems have been eliminated at least in the United States.  A new protein had been found that acts similar to mad cow disease. It seems to be a problem in humans who have consumed pork for 10 or more years. Symptoms similar to Alzheimers and several other neurological diseases appear in those who are affected. Pork is quite prominent in Asia whereas it is rarely consumed in the Mideast. Researchers noticed the difference in the incidents of these neurological diseases when comparing the two populations. One of the symptoms is a sudden increase in temper in an infected individual. This is how the syndrome got the acronym POPS ( short for pissed of pig syndrome)  There is no cure for POPS so scientists recommend eating more chicken.

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